If you want to watch TV from other countries, get help cutting your cable, connect your laptop to your TV or get your email running properly, we can help. General tech support and troubleshooting. Just a call away!
Laptop Repair
Black screen, blue screen or broken screen. No matter what the issue we can help. Free diagnostic on all computers and laptops. No bench fees!
LCD Replacement
Dropped, cracked or just smashed. You don't have to buy a new laptop just because you've broken the screen most laptop screens can be replaced for less than $75.00. Save some money and your PC!
Virus Removal
Homepage hijacked? Popups everywhere? You've got a virus. Because laptops are often used in spaces where public WiFi is offered they run a much higher risk of becoming infected. There is also more risk spreading the virus to others because of the portability of laptops. Viruses can spread easily without you even knowing, moving to other computers on your networks. Some are even capable of spreading through email. Infecting friends, families and co-workers computers.
SSD Upgrade
Hard drives are old school! Prone to data loss and failure, they use more power, are slower and produce more heat then their solid state counterparts. Switching to a SSD will greatly improve speed, boot time and the overall lifespan of your laptop while also boosting battery life and reducing heat! Call for more information!

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