If you want to watch TV from other countries, get help cutting your cable, setting up new hardware or get your email running properly, we can help. General tech support and troubleshooting. Just a call away!
Desktop Repair
System won't boot, errors, blue screens and more. If your having issues act fast and protect you data!
New Builds
Whether you want a gaming rig or just something to surf and email with, you can save hundreds and get a PC with a longer warranty by buying custom! Shop local!
Virus Removal
Homepage hijacked? Popups everywhere? You've got a virus. Keep your information and your family’s privacy safe from thieves. Viruses can be spread easily without you even knowing, moving to other computers on your network. Some are even capable of spreading through email. Infecting friends, family and co-workers computers.
SSD Upgrade
The one and only upgrade guaranteed to improve speed on any computer! Hard drives are outdated, spinning disks can lose data and are vulnerable to failure. Solid state drives produce no heat, use less power and are immune to many issues effecting conventional hard drives. At nearly double the speed of hard drives SSD drives are the perfect upgrade to keep you PC current!

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